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At Clane Driving Academy, we want you to pass your test first time. We have compiled a number of tips which can help prepare you on the day


Practice, Practice, Practice.
Get in as much practise as you can before the test. Find somewhere safe and quiet and go over anything that might be worrying you, hill start, reversing around a corner etc.

Know your hand signals
They might ask you to do them. This can be overlooked.

Clean your car.
Don’t arrive in a dirty car, or car with a strong smell, cigarette smoke etc. remember, you want to stay on the testers good side!

Aim to arrive early.
It will be the one morning there will be roadworks or some kind of delay. Give yourself plenty of time. If you arrive far too early, use the time to have a quick look over your road signs etc. Do not enter the test centre until about 10-15 minutes before your time.

Wear comfortable clothes.
Don’t wear something you are uncomfortable sitting in. You want to fully concentrate on your driving, not the jeans digging into your waist. Heels / Flipflops etc a complete no-no.

Keep sunglasses to hand.
The last thing you want is to be blinded by the sun, which will mean poor visibility and potential accidents.

Eat something!
So many people forget to eat with nerves. This can cause lack of concentration and you will not be as co-ordinated as you should be.

Go to the toilet
Again, this can be forgotten when you are nervous! You don’t want to be half way around the test route and realise you are dying to go.

Check your L Plates are up.
No L plates No test.

Check  your brake lights / indicators
They can check these too. If an indicator for example is not working, they can refuse to test you.

Check your tyres.
The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm , check that this is ok – or you can be refused.

Check all discs are up to date.
Make sure that your tax, insurance and nct discs are on display. They will check these before even getting into the car with you.

Turn off your radio/phone.
Even though you may be used to driving with the radio on, turning it off for the test is imperative. Same with your phone. If it starts ringing you will be distracted regardless of answering it or not. On this note – never answer your phone during a test – even if you have a hands free!

Get a good nights sleep.
You don’t want to be tired on the day of the test. Driving whilst overtired is extremely dangerous.

Don’t Stress
I see many nervous and stressed students on the day of their test. Just relax, keep calm and do your best, its not the end of the world of you don’t pass. Keeping a level head will drastically increase your chances of passing.


Regulatory traffic signs
Information traffic signs
Warning traffic signs
Warning signs for road works


Road Safety Authority
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